June 2017

Emmerson Packaging’s 6 1/2 Initiatives That Support Supply Chain Sustainability

Helping our clients achieve their sustainability goals is something we’re proud of at Emmerson Packaging. You can feel great about the impact you’re making by choosing sustainable packaging for your products, and your eco-friendly consumers will appreciate your support of green practises at all levels of your supply-chain. Not only do we provide customers with …

Flexible Packaging Trends For 2017

Top brands use their product packaging to engage with consumers daily. In a world where competition for consumers’ ever-shortening attention spans is high, brands need to find new ways to stand out and stay relevant. Product manufacturers are constantly searching for the latest in innovative package design and sustainable options without sacrificing quality while keeping …

Sustainable Packaging: Recyclable vs. Biodegradable

Companies in the frozen food, pet food, and towel and tissue industries who haven’t yet “gone green” are lagging behind their more forward-thinking competitors in the area of sustainable packaging. With multiple options for more sustainable packaging—including recyclable and biodegradable packaging—how can you be certain which is better for your product, your consumers, and the …


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