MicroPack™ microwavable packaging

  • Uses high-quality film, allowing for fast run speeds, strong seal areas, and high-impact graphics
  • Is heat resistant, meaning it will not stretch, distort, or melt when sealing
  • Rigorously tested by Rutgers University Food Science Lab in accordance with FDA guidelines
  • Uses amine-free adhesive, providing customers with a safer product
  • Allows customers to tailor the location, size, and frequency of the steam vents
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The ultimate in convenient frozen food packaging.

Increased convenience equals increased perceived value, no matter your product offering. While “TV Dinners” revolutionized the food industry in the 1950s, today’s health-conscious consumer will reach for a product with higher nutritional value, but equal convenience.

Emmerson Packaging’s innovative MicroPack™ allows frozen vegetables to be quickly and safely steam cooked in a microwave, without having to remove them from the package. It provides a fast, easy way to enjoy perfectly prepared, nutrient-rich vegetables in a matter of minutes—a massive advantage for your busy, health-conscious consumer.

Take advantage of this growing opportunity with Emmerson Packaging’s innovation, expertise, and experience in microwavable packaging, without refitting or modifying your existing packaging equipment. Our MicroPack™ runs efficiently on conventional packaging machinery and can be printed with high-impact graphics for retail display.

Preparing and serving and, most importantly, selling frozen foods is easier than ever before.

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