EZ-Stand — The Affordable Stand Up Pouch Alternative

  • More affordable than a standard Stand Up Pouch
  • Compatible with Inno-Lok® pre-applied closure technology
  • Can feature a front panel and support multiple zipper styles with a 1.5 – 3.5” finished gusset width
  • Pre-applied concept  to maintain consistent filling speeds
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The EZ-Stand Pouch is a more affordable alternative to custom stand up packaging. Produce your own stand up packaging for a fraction of the cost.

Looking for an affordable alternative to pre-made stand up pouches? Meet the EZ-Stand, a stand up pouch alternative that can be produced using your existing vertical form fill and seal lines.

Emmerson Packaging’s EZ-Stand Pouch is a doypack-style stand up pouch that is created by pre-applying a bottom gusset to a roll of film. The EZ-Stand can be produced on virtually any VFFS machine with minor modifications to the sealing jaws and forming tube assembly. A small capital investment will help you increase profit margins and produce your own pouches for a fraction of the cost of custom pre-made bags.

EZ-Stand is compatible with Inno-Lok® pre-applied closure technology for maximum convenience, and can support multiple zipper styles. EZ-Stand can feature a front panel and a 1.5-3.5” finished gusset width.

Emmerson Packaging’s EZ-Stand is an excellent and affordable stand up pouch alternative for frozen food, snacks, rice and grain, and so much more! To get started with producing your own low-cost pouches, talk to us today.

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