Product Safety

Product safety policies & procedures

Keeping our products, customers, and employees safe

At Emmerson Packaging, we follow strict operational procedures to ensure the complete safety of our products, the customers who use them, and the employees who create them.

Some of our best practices are outlined below:

  • All materials at all stages of production must be properly stored and wrapped to prevent contamination.
  • All materials are dated and managed to ensure adequate stock rotation.
  • All materials are inspected for damage and / or contamination prior to use.
  • Strict safety guidelines are in place for handling bulk resins and solvents.
  • All exterior resin connections and silo access doors are closed, sealed, and / or locked when not in use.
  • All waste is disposed of properly, and all waste, recycling, and compost containers are emptied at minimum once per day.
  • Only approved utensils (such as scoops) are used for handling materials.
  • All shipment vehicles are inspected for cleanliness and the presence of contaminates before being loaded, and detailed vehicle inspection records are maintained.
  • Employees with lockers are not permitted to store open food or beverages, and lockers are inspected, emptied, and deep cleaned regularly.
  • Production personnel are required to wash their hands before beginning work, including returning from breaks. Hand sanitizer does not replace proper handwashing procedures.
  • Visitors are subject to all production floor regulations, and are not permitted to touch any materials or products.
  • Proper protection must be worn at all times, including safety footwear, goggles, shirts and long pants, and hair nets. All jewelry excluding medical alert devices must be removed.
  • Food, gum, and lozenges are forbidden on the production floor. Beverages are permitted in approved areas as long as they are in approved clear containers, and containers must automatically seal when not in use.
  • Strict guidelines are in place for any accidental leaks, spillage, or breakage of any material or substance.
  • All product contact surfaces are cleaned with solvent only to ensure no residue is left behind.
  • Management and the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee inspect the facility every week.

We take product safety very seriously at Emmerson Packaging. If you have any questions about our safety policies and procedures, please contact us today.


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