SGP Certified Printer

Emmerson Packaging is a SGP Certified Packaging Printer

Emmerson Packaging is a SGP certified packaging printer, so you know we’re truly dedicated to supply chain sustainability.

The Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership is the leading accrediting body in the United States and Canada that designates qualifying printers as being part of the sustainable elite. Prior to the creation of the SGP designation, any printer could claim to be “green” without proof of process to back it up.

Emmerson Packaging is proud to be among the 3.6% of North American printers who are SGP certified, and in 2011 became the first Canadian company to be awarded the SPG certification. We help our customers reach their sustainability goals as an environmentally responsible part of their supply chain, promoting full transparency and accountability.

Becoming an SGP certified printer is a lengthy process which involves developing and continuously improving an internal sustainability policy, implementing a sustainability management system, ensuring proper documentation procedures are developed and followed, and conducting audits of various aspects of our operations. It requires year-round effort and a firm commitment to constant improvement. SGP certified printers must be recertified every two years, and we’ve been an SGP certified printer since 2011.

Why SGP? Benefits To Our Customers:

No “greenwashing”: Customers are (correctly) suspicious about green label claims. Until the Sustainable Green Printer certification was introduced, anyone could claim their packaging was eco-conscious without providing proof. By partnering with an SGP certified printer, you can add the SGP certification to your packaging at no additional cost. With the SGP certification logo proudly displayed on your packaging, you’re showing potential customers that you’re committed to environmentally sustainable business practices.

Enhanced supply chain sustainability: Compliment your company’s green supply chain efforts and get closer to your sustainability goals by partnering with an SGP certified printer.

Increased revenue: Customers are more willing than ever to pay more for environmentally friendly packaging. You could enjoy increased revenue as a reward for your sustainable leadership, as a 2015 Nielson study showed that 66% of global consumers stated that they’re willing to pay more for sustainable brands—partner with an SGP certified printer before your competitors do!

For more information on the programs we’ve implemented in pursuit of improved environmental responsibility, learn about our sustainable facilities.

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