• Uses minimal material
  • Hidden on the inside of the package
  • Prevents insect infestation
  • Absorbs grease and oil residue
  • Faster air flow in comparison to traditional evacuation methods
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Pack Flat and Pack Smart with PetVent

Stop Contamination, Start Efficiency

For a long time, consumers have expressed their frustrations with the effects of existing air evacuation methods in the pet food packaging they buy. The most common air evacuation method is a series of small pin holes in the side gussets of the bags, called microperforations. Now, as your aware, these microperforations are just simple holes in the bags, so what could go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot. These little holes can allow infestation.

While noticing an infested bag of pet food may be difficult at the time of purchase, it isn’t uncommon for consumers to be shocked by having a moth fly out of the bag. While moths are not a significant health risk to dogs, they are still unsightly. Consumers are quick to seal the package back up and either throw it away, tarnishing your name in the process, or taking it back to the store for a refund, and taking your profitability back with it.

As more premium pet food brands using higher quality ingredients, we are seeing the fat content in pet foods increase. This is great for pet parents as they can rest assured their furbabies are being fed a nutritious, healthy meal. However, from a packaging standpoint, this means the oil and fats can migrate through the holes in the bags, leading to greasy package with compromised graphics.

So, why are we telling you this? We want to help and have developed an innovative technology called PetVent – a hidden, high performing filtered air vent for all medium and large pet food bags.

PetVent is an adhesive patch that is applied to the inside of your medium and large pet food bags. It is specifically designed to use minimal materials and be hidden on the inside of the package.

Using high quality filtering material, PetVent prevents insect infestation and particles from contaminating the bag. Meaning, no moths and no returns. With PetVent, you also no longer have to worry about oil and grease leakage – this nifty cost-effective patch absorbs grease and oil residue, meaning that your graphics are untouched!

Unlike existing technology that has very slow air flow, the performance of air flow with PetVent is fast – meaning more efficient operations for your packers.

At Emmerson Packaging, we understand being in the pet food business is a competitive industry and your brand is always looking for the next great idea – that’s why we created PetVent. We can help you differentiate yourself in a crowded market place.

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