Rollstock Flexographic Print & Laminations

  • Stain- and chemical-resistant finishes
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Customizable barrier protection
  • Highly machinable
  • Locked-in color
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Make your flexible packaging shine

There is plenty to consider when searching for the ideal laminated packing solution for your organization. Most of the options available to frozen food organizations can either impact the efficiency of your production lines or put into question the risk of a recall, which are top-of-mind for many packaged food organizations. In fact, Food Safety Magazine estimates the average cost of a recall at $10 million, your packaging solution should never keep you up at night with these risks.

Your brand depends on keeping your packing lines running at their optimum level and reducing safety risks, but you don’t want to sacrifice premium quality and shelf impact. With Emmerson Packaging’s rollstock surface flexographic printing capabilities, you can achieve both. Choose from vibrantly printed high gloss and matte finishes with high rub resistance and environmental sustainability in mind.

Keeping your customers safe and minimizing the chance of a recall means choosing products with appropriate barrier control that’s customizable to your product’s environment. Keeping your product moving on retail shelves means choosing a packaging solution with beautiful finishing options and customer convenience features. If you’re considering lamination for your next project, we’ll customize a solution to make your product shine.

Get brilliant results with Emmerson Packaging’s flexible rollstock surface print and lamination options.

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