September 2016

4 Bad Food Broker Habits That Lose Business

Being a successful food broker and distributor means keeping a lot of plates in the air, juggling many balls, wearing several hats—whichever your preferred idiom, the goal is to make it all look seamless to your clients. In our 60 years of experience in the food industry we’ve uncovered some common distributor habits that can …

For Packaging Design Inspiration, Check Out Your Competitors’ Products

We’re not advocating stealing your competitors’ designs, but your product’s packaging doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If you’re searching for packaging design inspiration, it’s important to take a look at likely shelf neighbours to find the perfect graphics for your own pack. Packaging Design Interrupts Consumers The vast majority of purchase decisions are made at …

Packaging Solutions for Snacks: Closures Customers Love

In the packaging industry, we tend to think of closures as the finishing touch on a package. For consumers, the closure is one of the first interactions they have with the package—making it more of an “opener”, in both senses of the word. Packaging solutions which make strategic use of convenient closure features that customers …


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