The Power Of Eco-Friendly Pet Food Packaging For Premium Brands

To say that the premium pet food market is booming would be an understatement. Family households in Canada and the USA are home to nearly 158 million dogs and cats, and many pet owners consider their animals to be part of the family. People are taking steps to ensure their pets are afforded the same quality and care they would have for themselves, and as such, consumer spending on pet products is increasing year-over-year.

In addition to this, the eco-friendly packaging trend is in full swing. Today’s consumers make environmentally conscious choices, and expect the packages their goods come in to be recyclable, biodegradable or reusable in some way. This is no different for pet food packaging.

Consumers Want Eco-friendly Packaging & Are Willing to Pay For It.

In 2017, consumers are doing everything they can to reduce their environmental paw print. Research shows that 30 percent more shoppers choose environmentally-friendly packaging than they did in 2010, and according to the Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility, “55 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact.”

The Nielsen Report also notes that year-over-year from 2014, products with sustainability claims on their packaging saw their average annual sales increase by two percent, and saw a five percent lift for products that promoted sustainability actions through their marketing programs.

Premium Pet Food Brands Can’t Afford To Sacrifice Quality For Sustainability.

This doesn’t mean that consumers are willing to sacrifice quality for sustainability. If consumers are purchasing a premium pet food brand, they expect packaging to be of a certain standard. With respect to pet food packaging, consumers want the same features they do for their own food; reassurance that the food will stay fresh, and that the packaging is strong, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Our PetPack-BDG™ product meets all of these requirements—it’s completely biodegradable and shelf-stable, even for moist or wet pet foods. It has been rigorously tested to ensure that there are no toxic materials associated with it, thoroughly tested for palatability by a third party, and has been created only from materials known to be fully biodegradable.

What Does This Mean For Manufacturers?

The move to sustainable packaging makes good business sense. As climate change and sustainability become increasing concerns, consumers are choosing more and more environmentally friendly products in an effort to do their part. Manufacturers need to meet this head-on. In fact, according to the latest US Eco Pulse study, 33 percent of respondents indicated that the environmental record of a pet-food manufacturer may be a deciding factor in whether or not they purchase that brand.

Emmerson Packaging takes its commitment to environmental sustainability very seriously. We were the first flexible packaging company in North America to achieve the ISO-14001 Environmental Management designation and we continue to identify opportunities to minimize our environmental footprint on a daily basis. Since the year 2000, per foot shipped, Emmerson Packaging has:

  • Reduced our residual solid waste by 87%
  • Lowered our water usage more than 78%
  • Reduced electricity usage by 41%
  • Reduced VOC emissions by over 55%
  • Became a certified SGP Printer

The sustainable packaging market is set to grow steadily in 2017. If you’re ready to learn more about premium products like Emmerson Packaging’s PetPack-BDG™, our Project Central Team is waiting to talk to you. Click here to chat with them today!

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