Frozen Food Packaging In A Growing Market

Exciting new research published by Credence Research reports that the global frozen food market is expected to expand with a CAGR of 4.2% through 2022[1]. For frozen food manufacturers, this is welcome news. Factors contributing to this solid growth include busy lifestyles, product innovation, and the rise in popularity of natural and / or organic frozen food ingredients. Is your brand ready to claim a piece of this growth?

Frozen berries

Frozen Food’s Continued Rise

It wasn’t that long ago that frozen foods like TV dinners were looked down upon by consumers in the aisle, but that has changed. Now more than ever, consumers can choose from a wide array of frozen items from juice to pizza, microwavable meals, stir-fry, pasta, vegetables, fruits, and desserts. One major reason for this continued growth is technological advances within the industry. Innovations in frozen food packaging, freezing techniques, storage, transport, and more have led to consumers being given more choices than ever. It is now possible for grocery shoppers to eat delicious and nutritious meals from frozen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Consumer demand for frozen food also continues to rise, with busy families spending less time or having less time to prepare meals. Frozen food is also booming in emerging markets, as rapid industrialization and urbanization lead to higher consumer purchasing power and a greater demand for premium foodstuffs such as frozen beef.

How can a frozen food producer take advantage of all this growth? One way is to invest in the technology of your frozen food packaging. Packaging presentation, shelf impact, and consumer convenience are all key areas that are directly affected by how you package your products. As we said in a previous blog post, between 70% and 80% of purchasing decisions are made in-store. That means that high-impact and higher-tech frozen food packaging will help your brand succeed in this growing market.

Achieve Success With Frozen Food Packaging

Beyond colors, graphic elements, and brand recognition, one of the major factors that consumers take into account when purchasing frozen food is convenience. The logic is sound—after all, one of the major drivers of growth in frozen food is how quick and convenient preparing it can be. Consumers look for (and are willing to pay more for) convenience features like reusable zip closures, microwavable bags (steamer bags) or other portability features. If your frozen food packaging can demonstrate its use and convenience with its design alone, you’ve already won.

Another key element of the future of frozen food packaging is premiumization. Whereas microwave-ready frozen food used to be the domain of bachelors without culinary skills, advances in consumer tastes and technology have lifted the perception of microwave meals to the realm of haute-cuisine.

Learn More About Frozen Food Packaging

With the frozen food market set to grow steadily for the foreseeable future, it’s important that your brand reach and stay on the cutting edge. With technology like Emmerson Packaging’s MicroPack™ and the award-winning SmartPack™, your brand is ready to compete with the best of the frozen food aisle. If you’re ready to learn more, our Project Central team is waiting to talk to you about your frozen food packaging plans for the future. Click here to chat with them today!


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