8 Advantages Of Stand Up Pouches

There is a reason why brands are ditching rigid packaging and turning to flexible stand up pouches to better promote, protect, and drive sales of their products—in fact, there are eight. From production to purchase, stand up pouches offer multiple benefits to both manufacturers and consumers. Here are the eight advantages of stand up pouches our customers enjoy the most:

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Flexographic printing for flexible packages is the most versatile of all package printing options, and can create stunning HD graphics for your stand up pouch. Flexographic printing offers the most precise ink control and solid lay-down on a wide range of films. In combination with this advanced printing technology, stand up pouches can offer your product the best, most eye-catching graphics on the shelf.

Shape & Structure

Stand up pouches can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consumers are most familiar with the standard pouch—a round-bottom-gusset bag that folds flat when empty. Other options include box pouches, K-sealed, quad-sealed (two side gussets and four vertical seals), and more. Stand up pouches can even be die cut into custom shapes to really stand out on the shelf.

Cost Reduction

Switching to stand up pouches (and flexible packaging in general) is a no-brainer if you’re looking to reduce the cost of materials. Rigid packaging costs three to six times more per unit than flexible packaging. Printed folding cartons cost around twice as much as flexible packaging. Simply put, choosing stand up pouches over a rigid alternative will mean much-improved profit margins for your business.

Transportation & Warehousing

Stand up pouches also offer significant cost savings in distribution. Depending on the pouch and the original packaging solution, you can fit five to ten times the number of units in a single truck using fewer pallets. Since the packaging is also lighter, the fuel cost per truck is lower. You can store more of your product in less space, and it takes less time and labor to move it around.

Convenience Features

Consumers value convenience, so you can add value to your brand with stand up pouch features. Resealable closures help extend the life of food and create a better customer experience with your product. You can choose from press-to-close, zip lock, or hook-to-hook closures to add convenience to your pouch. You can also choose laser perforation, transparent windows, handles, and spouts. Stand up pouches can also be made steamable, so consumers can enjoy the added convenience of preparing their food in the microwave without having to remove it from the bag.

Product Safety

Stand up pouches can keep food fresher for longer, and provide excellent barrier control to protect against the elements. Puncture-resistant films can be used to safeguard your products during transport, and a number of specialty films can provide extra protection against moisture, contaminants, UV rays, and more.

Shelf Impact

With a wide ranges of shapes and sizes available and stunning HD graphic capabilities, stand up pouches easily stand out on the shelf. The biggest benefit of stand up pouches in terms of shelf impact is simply the amount of real estate manufacturers now have to work with—the largest printable surface of the package stands up and faces the customer. This allows your product to compete in ways that products in lay-down bags and smaller rigid containers can’t.


Stand up pouches are better for the environment. Flexible packaging in general uses fewer materials and less energy and water to make, and fewer volatile organic compounds are produced as a result. In addition to cost savings, their lighter weight and more compact size save on fuel emissions during transportation. Any non-recyclable materials used take up less space in landfills than their rigid counterparts. Stand-up pouches can also be recyclable or biodegradable without compromising on safety and quality, using innovative SmartPack™ and SmartPack-BDG™ technology.

Take Advantage Of Stand Up Pouches

To enjoy all the benefits stand up pouches and flexible packaging have to offer, you need to partner with a packaging supplier that can customize a flexible solution that’s completely tailored to your product and your brand. For over 60 years, Emmerson Packaging has been doing just that. To learn what we can do for you, click here to start a conversation with Project Central, our end-to-end project management team.

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