5 Innovative Ways to Make Your Flexible Packaging Stand Out

Flexible packing is increasingly common, and the marketplace is getting crowded. Catching your consumers’ eye is more difficult than ever before. Here are 5 innovative ideas on how you can make your flexible packaging design and functionality stand out from your competitors.

#1 – Eye-catching Graphics

We all know that the main way to get consumers to buy your product is to make it stand out on the shelf. High-impact colors and graphics, mixing matte, gloss and metallic finishes, and showcasing beautiful artwork are just a few of the ways product manufacturers are getting noticed.

#2 – Package Structure & Functionality

Closures, cut-outs, loops, and modified-atmosphere packaging. All products are different and have different requirements for their packaging. Thinking about package structure and functionality in clever ways can have a big impact on your bottom line.

One shampoo producer has moved their product from their traditional bottle into a flexible package with a twist! Instead of a zipper closure, they’ve added a twist-to-close spout. This means less waste, and makes it easier to use in the shower. A mail-order flower company uses a waterless packaging with a modified atmosphere technology ensuring fresh flowers stay fresh by preventing excess oxidation (it’s biodegradable too). Finally, one poultry producer uses a package that allows the consumer to take a whole turkey from the freezer to the oven without removing the package.

#3 – Rethinking Traditional Packaging Methods

Sometimes all you need to do is think outside the box—literally. One frozen pizza manufacturer is abandoning its traditional cardboard box for flexible packaging instead – there’s no better way to stand out on a shelf than looking completely different from all your competitors.

A pool chemical manufacturer has also moved from cardboard cartons to flexible packaging for two reasons; one, to stand out from their competition in a carton-dominated industry, and two, they were finding that their traditional cardboard boxes were susceptible to moisture and would deteriorate over time. By switching to flexible packaging, they were able to extend the shelf-life of their products.

#4 – Technical Innovation

When it comes to technical innovation, sometimes the smallest breakthroughs can have a huge impact. In the abovementioned example of the poultry producer, the innovative packaging that allows the consumer to take the turkey from the freezer to the oven without removing it from the bag not only keeps the product fresher, it also eliminates the need for the consumer to handle raw meat. This prevents cross-contamination and the spread of salmonella for a healthier household.

In a move that’s a bit flashier and novel, a high-end hair product manufacturer uses Exothermix heating technology to provide a safe, convenient method of heating the product at the time of use. A resealing technology allows the heating product to be reused and superior barrier protection in the film allows for longer shelf-life.

#5 – Sustainability and Eco-Conscious Designs

Today’s product manufacturers know that consumers make choices with their wallets but also with sustainability in mind. Everyone wants to be seen as having a smaller environmental footprint. This is especially true for the millennial generation. Packaging that uses sustainable and recyclable materials continues to be popular, but we’re seeing more single-serve or single-use product sizes to help mitigate excess food waste as well.

One tomato-paste producer has abandoned traditional cans in favor of single-serve packets, helping consumers avoid food waste in a format that is considerably more sustainable to produce.

FPA’s 2017 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards

Earlier this year, the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) conducted their annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards and Innovation Showcase. They handed out awards to outstanding flexible package solutions that met or exceeded needs through innovation in materials, graphics, structure, new uses, extended shelf-life and sustainability. Over 150 entries were received and incorporate many of the features we’ve highlighted above. For more innovative packaging ideas, you can download the full list of winners and entries here.

Innovate With Us

At Emmerson Packaging, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients with innovative packaging technologies that fit their needs. Our Innovation and R&D department goes above and beyond to ensure your packaging is tailored perfectly to your product. We’ve built alliances with leading labs and Rutgers University to complement our own capabilities, and will help you explore innovative new packaging ideas. Talk to Project Central today about how we can help you achieve your flexible packaging goals.


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