Case Studies

Packaging Case Studies & Resources

Emmerson Packaging’s mission is to make our customers successful. Read our packaging case studies & resources for examples of our mission in action.

Putting your project in someone else’s hands can be daunting. Finding the right fit for your brand is hard work. We’ve created a series of packaging resources to help you make key decisions to guide your project to success.

The companies we work with are usually kept confidential due to NDAs, but we’ve highlighted some of the problems we’ve solved for other producers on this page. For more information about any of the packaging solutions we’ve engineered, contact us today

A flour and grain provider was selling their product in a #7 Paper Poly box pouch and was sourcing it from offshore. They understood the importance of sustainability, and recyclability, so they came to Emmerson Packaging. We created a high-end package that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and recyclable, with a matte look – and even managed to get a window in the packaging too!

We successfully helped a frozen food provider convert out of a PET/POLY to a surface print roll stock. Once looking at their requirements, we found a recyclable option, which was a lower cost alternative to what they are currently in AND it doesn’t compromise their aesthetic or image.

One of our high-end meal kit clients wanted their high-end package to be more robust but was conscious that this may dilute their sustainability efforts. We did development on their current product and maintained their packaging recyclability in a more robust, clear product and kept it in a specific price point range.


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