Locally Supplied Packaging


Let us help you give them what you NEED to SUCCEED

With over 600 competitors in the pet food market, it’s an exciting yet daunting time to be a pet food supplier. The millennial generation are becoming more demanding than ever with their wants and needs, and you’re now backed into a corner where you need to be proactive instead of reactive.

As a buyer how do I know what to do?

Your customers are craving transparency in every aspect of their purchasing journey, it’s not only where the ingredients have been sourced from, but the packaging too. With a more environmentally conscious generation, the focus has really shifted to ‘how can we stand out?’, and here’s how – buy locally.

Why buy locally supplied packaging?

  • Good for your business, your community and the planet.
  • Price vs reputation – You don’t want an overseas provider, you want a company who can add benefit to your reputation while supporting your mission and values
  • You’re either ahead or your behind – give your customers what they want before someone else does!
  • Tighter supply chain – Emmerson will provide you with predictable delivery times, including on-time guarantees that are managed with your own dedicated Project Central team member.
  • Help the environment – reduced shipping and storage which reduces emissions and energy usage
  • Local sourcing doesn’t just save you money it helps you generate more of it by attracting new customers – who doesn’t love local?

Emmerson Packaging is an industry leader in flexible packaging solutions and has been for 63 years. We help great companies in North America build their brands into some of the most successful in the industry. We help you stand out in a crowded market place by increasing your brands transparency. How do we do this? We provide you with the option to print our ‘locally supplied packaging’ logo on your product FOR FREE.




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